I have decided to work up some basic and practical information about abdominal sonography. This theme has been always very interesting to me, so I try to learn at least it‘s basics. There is a very unpleasant fact of insufficiency of Czech-written literature as well as practically non-existing sources dedicated to abdominal ultrasound courses on the internet in both Czech and English. The information I got and present here came from my more educated colleagues as well as from few textbooks I managed to lay my hands on.


The texts themselves are of course very easy and their essence are ultrasound pictures I have been able to find (sometimes with certain difficulties) on the internet and edit with additional marks which should make the orientation for the reader much easier. The texts are dedicated mainly to internal medicine, so you will not find here anything about gynaecological or paediatric ultrasonography and the surgical problematics of acute abdomen has been narrowed to some findings of intraperitoneal fluid.


Texts about certain tissues, organs and findings:

Probe positions



Sonography is sexy :). In this picture you can see basic possible locations of the probe on the human body. Following appropriate numbers you will find approximate pictures of these sections lower on this page Next to the pictures you can se the directions – up/down by transverse sections and right/left by transversal sections.




Right Epigastrium Sonography Left





Up Kidney Sonography Down





Right Hepatic veins sonography Left





Right Urinary bladder sonography Left





Up Aorta Sonography Down





Up Spleen and Kidney Sonography Down





 Up Liver Hilum Sonography Down



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  autor: MUDr. Jiří Štefánek
  zdroje: základní zdroje textů